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STARLANDER (formerly Monopilot / Mono: Poly) is a music project by Benjamin Johannes Luikenga. It was founded in 2005 by Benjamin Johannes Luikenga & Markus Jack Dijkgraf .


In 2005, the two friends founded an experimental music project to let off steam in different styles together. The first release followed quickly in the form of the album “ Grocery Store „. Without being supported by a label, the first work was distributed internationally as a CD and was sold out within a short time. Only a little later followed the album „Apple Department“, which was exclusively distributed digitally.

In the following period Luikenga concentrated increasingly on his meanwhile more popular project ENGELSBLUT. Despite missing publications, he wrote and produced more demos for Mono: Pilot.

Finally, in 2017 all produced works were published under a new name „MONOPILOT“ on the music platform Bandcamp. Later it was renamed to STARLANDER! What a mess! The discography also includes some purely instrumental albums from various genres, some of which were produced as soundtracks for podcasts , independent films and games .

Since 2017, a wealth of new songs has been created, which have since been published in a timely manner.


STARLANDER uses many stylistic elements of different genres. These include SynthwaveElectro-Pop , Rock , Metal , Chiptunes and Classical.Significant influences include the Beatles , Daft Punk & Findel .